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Make Your Outfit Pop With a Custom Shirt

After you've invested in a perfect custom suit, the next best thing you can do is shop for some classic shirts to accent your new threads. At Nobby Custom Tailors, Inc, you are sure to find the right shirts for a great price.

From casual looks to fine shirts for tuxedos, you can get every style you want when you work with our tailors. We specialize in various designs including equestrian apparel so you can have a fun day on the tracks while looking your best!

Collar Styles

Cuff Styles

Front Styles

Back Styles - With 2 Inch Wide Yoke

Back Styles - With 3 Inch Wide Yoke

Back Styles - With 4 Inch Wide Yoke

Back Styles - With 5 Inch Wide Yoke


Half Sleeves




3-MM Poly Resin Buttons

Pearl Button With Color Enamel Inlay

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